Makeup Brushes - Do I need them?

The appearance of your makeup depends upon the quality of the brushes that you use for application.  Some of these brushes are combination blends of synthetic and natural hairs. This combination is the most effective for picking up loose minerals and having them adhere to the brush and reducing waste.

How are they made? Are they cruelty free?

All of these natural hair brushes are shaped by hand and first cut to preserve the natural tip.

The nickel ferrules are seamless and have a high durable shine.  They are fitted securely to the handle.  The handles are made from a closed grain wood leaving a smooth finish.  They are laquered with multiple layers for excellent wear.

No animal skin is used or damaged in the creation process of these brushes.  No animals have been destroyed or maimed for the purpose of making these brushes.  They are cruelty free. 

Care for your brushes.

Most of these brushes can be clean the same way.  Once a week, use a mild shampoo or liquid soap and some warm water.  Gently lather then rinse your brush repeatedly until the water runs clear. Allow your brush to air dry. Remember, it is especially important to clean your kabuki brush on a regular basis.

If treated properly, your brushes will last for many years to come.

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