Applying Mineral Makeup!


Opening Your Mineral Makeup: You will receive your mineral makeup in 5, 10, 20, or 30-gram jars (or possibly baggies).
The jars normally have sifters that have been sealed with a clear sealing label. You can either remove the sifter seal completely or poke holes in it corresponding to the holes in your sifter. Note:The 5 gram jars are not designed to use for application purposes and the "Try Me Sampler kit" does not have sifters in the jars.
First clean and dry your face thoroughly. Then use a high quality Foundation Primer or moisturizer if you do not have a primer (Foundation Primers are the best). Now you are ready to apply your mineral makeup. Pour a small amount of your foundation into the lid of your foundation container. If you ordered samples that come in baggies or a 5-gram sample jar, you should use the Minerals Mate Palette available on this web site or you can use a piece of wax paper, a small paper plate, or a small saucer. Remember, less is more. 
You will be applying your makeup in thin layers to get a beautiful, flawless look! Take your brush (a kabuki brush is preferred) and swirl it into the minerals that you have poured out. Tap off the excess minerals and look at your brush. You should see only a very small amount of minerals or none at all on the bristles of your brush. The best way to apply your minerals is to start by sweeping the minerals on your cheeks and forehead to place foundation in those areas. Then, starting along the outer edge of your jaw, begin to buff the makeup on your face, and work your way inward. It's recommended to do your problem areas (such as fine lines and pores) last. You can use small circles or downward strokes. There is no special motion, but you should make sure you cover your face with the minerals in a thin layer. Repeat the application of minerals until you are satisfied with the coverage. 2-3 layers usually give sufficient coverage, but some women are very satisfied with just 1 layer! Another tip for application is to spritz your Kabuki brush with water or a toner to dampen it and apply in the same way. 
You can get a more dewy look along with extra coverage. This is actually one of my favorite application techniques!
Concealing Blemishes: To conceal blemishes, you can use one of the OMC special concealer formulations or you can use a foundation that is a shade lighter than your normal foundation. The first way to conceal is to use a maximum coverage concealer brush and apply the concealer or foundation to blemishes and other areas that you want to conceal.
You can also mix a small amount of concealer or foundation with jojoba oil and use it with a concealer brush to conceal blemishes. Make sure to “feather” the edges of the concealed areas to create a natural effect.
Blushes and Bronzers: When applying blushes and bronzers you can use a flawless face powder brush or a fan type brush. It is recommended that you pour your minerals from your container into the lid, use the Minerals Mate Palette available on this web site or wax paper, paper plates, or something similar. This prevents you from getting too much of the mineral powder on your brush. Dip your brush into the blush or bronzer and tap off the excess.
Apply the blush to the high points of your cheeks for a healthy, glowing effect. The bronzer may be applied to areas such as the forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin, if desired.
Eyeshadows / Liners: You will find a wide variety of brushes for applying eye shadows on the OMC website. An eyeliner brush is good for lining your eyes, as well!
You can apply the eyeshadows either dry for a soft effect or wet for a more dramatic look! If you want to mix your eye colors with water, you will want to use some other container other than the one your products come in. 
PLEASE DO NOT GET YOUR MINERALS WET! This makes them susceptible to contamination and bacterial growth. Just mix the minerals with a drop or two of water and mix away being sure not to contaminate the unused minerals! To apply as eyeliner, you can either mix with water for a deep, long lasting eyeliner, or you can apply dry with a liner brush for a softer focus. *** Once your minerals are applied finish your look with a light layer of Mineral Finish, Silken Perfection Face Powder or our Clearly Luminous Powder!
*** HAVE FUN WITH YOUR MINERALS! You can do so much with mineral makeup! Purchase extra containers to mix mineral colors for different colors and effects. Sign up for the newsletter for great product specials, updates, and makeup tips.
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