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Sabrina has been a customer of Ocean Mist Cosmetics for over a decade. She was kind enough to do before and after pictures with her wearing nothing more that Buff foundation. Sabrina’s imperfections are camouflaged giving her a lovely glow. This is what she had to say about Ocean Mist Cosmetics “I love Ocean Mist Cosmetics because it never breaks out my skin and covers my rosacea.” Short and to the point. Thanks Sabrina


Brenda has been a customer of Ocean Mist Cosmetics for over a decade. She was kind enough to do before and after pictures with her wearing Buff foundation with just a tad of Tahiti foundation mixed in to match her complexion. She is also wearing Vanora Blush for a healthy heightening of color. And she chose Movie Star and White Gold eye shadows to complete her gorgeous look. Here is what Brenda has to say about Ocean Mist Cosmetics: “I really love Ocean Mist makeup it covers imperfections very well and it doesn’t clog pores. And it is so lightweight it feels like you’re not wearing any makeup at all!”

Flo Before and after

This is Flo who hails from Italy. She is wearing Medium Mineral Concealer, Champagne Foundation and Sea Fan Blush to brighten her face. For the eyes she applied Sandy Bottom Matte Eyeshadow with a touch of Bouquet Matte Eyeshadow in the corner of her eyes. She completed her eye look with Black Mascara on both the upper and lower lashes giving her gorgeous eyes donâ€ÃƒÂ¢Ã¢€Å¾Ã‚¢t you agree? Finally for those luscious lips she used Paso Doble Matte Lipstick and the end result? Well you can see for yourself. You look exquisite Flo!



 Here we have Carlotta who was so kind as to make some before and after pictures. Carlotta is so beautiful with or without makeup so it is hard to tell but the picture on the left is her without makeup! This is how she created this legant look in her own words! "For foundation I have used Sunsilk Foundation (fair warm), the blush are Elegant nude blush. On my eye I have used sagebrush eyeshadow, and on center of my eye I have used Neutrella. On the eye light I have used Satisfaction Eyeshadow!"


In this photo the beautiful Federica is wearing: porcelian foundation, fair concealer, light mineral finish, sea fun blush, sage brush eyeshadow and angel dust eyeshadow! Thanks Federica you look gorgeous!


Although Chiara is beautiful with or without makeup, just look how stunning she looks after applying natural mineral makeup from Ocean Mist Cosmetics. In the after picture Chiara is wearing: Saffron Yellow Concealer, Seafoam Green Concealer, Fawn Foundation (For warm yellow/peach undertones), Vanora Blush, Silken Perfection Finishing Powder, Paradise Pink Eyeshadow, Wishful Eyeshadow, and Backstage Matte Lipstick. Grazie Chiara!


Katernia hails from the Baltic Sea. This beauty likes the light natural look and OMC's fariest foundation gives her the soft look she just loves. After all makeup is about looking great and feeling great about the way you look! Katernia has the best of both worlds.



I have fair skin with neutral undertone. In these after photo's of me I am wearing the light foundation Ingenue, with a light mineral concealer, Mermaid's kiss blush, silken perfection face powder and eyeshadow drop kit #4. All of these products are very pleasing to me!

For the face I have mixed two shades of Ocean Mist Cosmetics mineral foundation - Sunsilk and Dandelion. I have peachy, little bit yellowy undertones to my skin, so these two mixed up make the perfect match. I added a natural sweet blush to my cheeks with OMC First Kiss blush. 

For the eyes I have chosen OMC Dusty Coral mineral eyeshadow for the neutral wash of slightly coral-y color with a little bit of sparkle. This shade makes eyelids look perfect! Then I added a bit of OMC Movie Star mineral eyeshadow on the lower lid and a tiny bit in an outer corner of the eye. I finished off the look with a blend of OMC Amethyst Gem mineral eyeshadow in the crease. This color added slight toned down purple to tie the look together. 



Roma is wearing Buff Foundation, Tahiti Foundation, Morning Coffee Blush and 24K Bronzer- "They are really good for the skin, nice coverage but not heavy on the face...and looks so natural!" - Roma

I used Medium Concealer, Sesame Foundation, 24k bronzer, Dark finishing powder. Then, for my eyes I added gypsy star all over the lid lightly with flagella green on the lid fold.  It all brightens up my face, for sure and still looks very natural.... "better in person."  The one of me "out and about" was taken by a substandard (lol) camera phone, but I really did look very smooth-faced and put together! -- Lisa

Brandy has light skin with cool undertones and hints of redness across the nose, cheeks, and chin area.  She applied Cameo Foundation,  24k bronzing powder, Mermaid's Kiss Blush, and Lightly Tinted Mineral Finishing Powder. What a difference! That redness is gone and now she has a lovely, healthy glow! One note: those are actually Brandy's eyelashes! No mascara there! Gorgeous! Thanks, Brandy!

 Lia's skin is a medium warm/neutral tone with hints of redness also (we see a lot of sun here in Florida!). She doesn't have yellow undertones so we decided to use our medium neutral foundation Wheat. Lia is also wearing our 24k bronzing powder, Mermaid's kiss blush, and Lightly Tinted Mineral Finishing. As you can see, she's a very happy gal!! Thanks, Lia! And thanks to Willow (not pictured) for letting us make-up her mommy!


 Brendal is wearing Petal foundation.  She has fair skin with neutral to cool undertones.  What a difference a little dab will do ya!

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