Care for one of your most important organs. The skin!

Posted by Bennie on 5/24/2014
There is no such thing as being “too picky” when it comes to a product that you apply to the largest organ in your body. That is right, your skin is, not only, the largest organ of the body it is, also, one of the most important organ of the body. There are many things we can do to care for our skin. The two simplest things are to nourish the skin by eating healthy and protect it from harsh chemicals and environmental factors like sunburn. When it comes to sensitive areas like the face and the eyes, nose, and lips, that the face surrounds, you need to be extra cautious. Since the face is the primary part of the skin we use makeup on then what should we do? Wear only pure organic mineral makeup and enjoy the benefits of a product that is naturally hypoallergenic, never clogs pores, and helps absorb oil. Without expensive testing it is not lawful to say that mineral makeup offers sun screen protection, but two primary ingredients, in mineral makeup, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, are the active ingredients in most sunscreens that offer UVA and UVB protection. With organic mineral makeup you get all the health benefits plus extraordinary coverage that goes on so light you might forget you are wearing makeup at all. Cover red and dark spots, wrinkles and even skin tone with light smudge free organic mineral makeup from Ocean Mist Cosmetics. Now that is a beautiful thing!
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