Determine Skintone

The easiest way to determine true skin tone is to: wash your face, pull the hair back from the face and drape a white cloth (pure white not ivory) around the neckline so white is the only color next to the face. The white cloth reflects the true undertone color of the skin. Colors from clothing cast shadows on the face that sometimes make it hard to determine skin tone. From here you will be able to look at the face and determine the underlying color. Once you have determined your skin tone then you can pick your foundation color.
In general, you will have a cool skin tone if your hair is naturally bluish-black, dark brown, medium ash or golden blonde. Your skin will be pale, with pink or no undertones; medium, with pink, golden or no cheek color; very dark brown (some Latinas or African Americans); or true olive (Asian).
You will mostly likely have a warm skin tone if your natural hair color is red, reddish or golden brown, deep brown, strawberry blonde or natural golden blonde.
Your skin will be pale, with peach or gold undertones; brown, with pink, butterscotch, copper, caramel or golden undertones (some Latinas or African Americans); or freckled.
Cool tones are blue/pink. Usually (but not always) this applies to people with green or blue eyes and those with fairer skin and/or red or naturally blonde hair. If you have freckles, chances are you are cool. Caucasian people comprise the largest segment of cool-tones, especially those of Northern European descent. Terms to describe cool skin can be ruddy, pink, flushed-looking, and ivory. If you generally burn in the sun, or cannot tan, you are cool. Think Nicole Kidman, Laura Flynn Boyle, Naomi Watts, Courtney Cox and Lindsay Lohan.
However, it is possible to be fair and to be warm-toned, this usually applies to Asians, light Hispanics, "black" Irish, etc.
Warm-tones are yellow or orange/gold based. People with hazel, brown, or black eyes are usually warm, but not always. People who are warm can tend to look sallow or "jaundiced." You tan very well and rarely burn. Blacks and Middle-Easterners are almost always warm tones. Think Jessica Alba, Lucy Liu, Jessica Simpson, Vanessa Williams, and Jennifer Aniston.
You can also find a range of olive colors for those of Mediterranean descent. Others may wear these colors if they do not fit in the warm-toned range. 

These foundations are available in many different shade ranges: 
Light Medium
The Ethnic Colors are deeper colors especially formulated for those of African descent. These shades are also formulated for women with exotic skin tones in the deeper ranges. The shades available are: 
Ethnic Light
 Ethnic Dark 
But no matter how many foundation colors are available, it can sometimes be necessary, for some women, to mix colors to find a perfect color match for their skin. Please feel free to contact us for color help.
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