Discover the Advantages of Organic Mineral Makeup

Posted by Ocean Mist Cosmetics on 8/12/2014

Because of synthetic and possibly hazardous materials in make-up, many more women are turning to organic mineral make-up.  This eco-practice is not only healthier to the person using the make-up, but also to the environment as well.  Here are a few vital suggestions on how to switch from a prior routine to a naturally-based organic mineral make-up approach.

Foundation. Organic mineral makeup foundations give you perfect coverage without settling into the fine lines of your skin. It creates a smooth and silky feeling that is not heavy yet it will still hide the look of wrinkles and those fine lines you wish to diminish. You will look younger and healthy in your natural foundation.

Concealer. Organic mineral makeup concealer lets you get great coverage while hiding those blemishes you do not want anyone to see. Your skin will appear flawless and you will look more youthful.

Blush. Use organic mineral makeup blush to define your cheekbones and make your skin look beautiful. The colors will look completely natural and you will never look as if you are wearing too much makeup.

Bronzer. This is an indispensable tool in the summer to give you a healthy glow. Bronzers can also be used throughout the entire year so you always look as if you have been kissed by the sun.

Finishing Powder. Finishing powder made with mineral makeup will give your skin the beautiful final touch so you look flawless. It will absorb excess oil, make your face look softer, and will minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin.

Eye Shadow. Organic mineral makeup eye shadow is superior to regular eye shadow which is made with synthetic ingredients. You do not wish to use these synthetic eye shadows near the eyes if you are sensitive. The mineral makeup eye shadow gives you a choice of looking bold or subtle.

Mascara. Mascara is used by almost all women and is considered to be an essential beauty aid yet most traditional mascaras are made with synthetic chemicals. Mineral mascara can be used to make the eyelashes look dramatic by making them longer and darker.

Lipstick. Mineral lipstick can give your lips beautiful color that will make you look outstanding yet it will not contain any of the synthetic dyes and artificial ingredients found in regular lipsticks that can irritate the skin.

Lip Balm. Every woman should use lip balm whether she is young or old because it helps to keep the skin of the lips moist. Mineral lip balm is superior to other varieties made the traditional way because it leaves the lips very soft and supple.
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