Do it for your face!

Posted by JP on 4/30/2014
When you find your face breaking out for the umpteenth time, and you've tried everything under the sun but nothing is working to clear it up, it can get very frustrating. We've all been there, acne is the bane of many people's existence, but often we think it's environmental. This is a logical assumption, and it is sometimes correct. However, if you've already tried changing your topical treatment, which is your environment, it's and cheap materials that you are allergic to. Your face will break out due to this reaction, causing acne.
Here are some reasons why your face breaks out from cheap cosmetics:
They contain gluten and talc many people have a gluten allergy but don't know it. If you have a gluten intolerance it is more than likely that when you eat wheat products your face will actually break out. Even when people remove bread from their lives, their faces still break out because of the gluten that is contained in their makeup. By applying cheap makeup, you are just repeating the cycle. Talc clogs pores and eventually leads to acne due to the pores not being able to breathe and express.
They contain unnatural ingredients
Many cosmetics contain ingredients that are made from man-made materials. These chemicals eventually will build up on your skin's surface and over time can cause damage to the skin cells in question. The best kind of makeup you can use is the kind that is made entirely of natural materials. Since these materials are not created from nasty things like petroleum, the product shouldn't cause problems with your skin. Remember that you should always look at the labels of your cosmetics, and make sure that you get cosmetics that are only made from natural materials... if only there was a place you can get some?

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