There’s a saying that eyes are the windows into our souls. Whether or not you believe it is up to you, but one thing’s for sure – eyes are the most striking and expressive feature of our faces. And as such, they deserve all the attention and work that goes into making them as appealing as possible. Which means – they deserve top quality makeup.

And you’ll find nothing less here. On this page, you’ll find all the subcategories of eye makeup we carry – the different kinds of eyeshadow, mascara, glitter, eye liners and eye pencils. And not to forget the eyebrows – we have eyebrow kits as well. To put it simply, you’ll find all the makeup your eyes will ever need on this page.

At Ocean Mist Cosmetics, we like to believe our products are there to help you be as beautiful as you can. Applying makeup can be an art, and making high quality mineral makeup is part science, part art as well – and we’re more than happy to share our products with you. So try us out while you’re here, order an item or two. You won’t regret it, any you’re likely to be back.
  • Organic Matte Eyeshadow Organic Matte Eyeshadow
    All-Natural Organic Matte eyeshadows are highly pigmented and buildable so you can create a bold and vibrant to soft and natural look with a matte finish. The matte eye shadows from Ocean Mist Cosmetics come in a variety of colors that cover an array of tones and colors from warm to cool tones.
  • Organic Shimmer & Pearl Eyeshadow Organic Shimmer & Pearl Eyeshadow
    Shimmer and Pearl Eye-shadows from Ocean Mist Cosmetic are manufactured with only FDA approved, 100% pure cosmetic grade ingredients.
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