Health benefits of an amazing ingredient used in all Ocean Mist mineral foundations!

Posted by Bennie Finlay on 5/9/2014
A good foundation is like using a good canvas for painting a masterpiece. Any artist will tell you that the canvas is very important so select the right foundations with the right ingredients and your face can become the masterpiece you want it to become. But since the canvas is the biggest piece of any masterpiece it is important to pay attention to the ingredients. Ocean Mist Cosmetics uses Boron Nitride in all of the Ocean Mist Foundation. Boron Nitride is an antibacterial that can help acne and other skin infections and unlike cheap fillers like Bismuth Oxychloride, talc and cornstarch it has staying power and will not irritate the skin. Boron Nitride is used in all high end foundations like the powdered foundations manufactured by Ocean Mist Cosmetics.
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