How Primer Works

Posted by Ocean Mist Cosmetics on 9/10/2014
How Primer Works

Many primers claim to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, fight acne and provide sun protection, however it’s always good to go with one made by a company you’re familiar with that’s known for high quality. The right primer can help give your skin, lips and eyes just the right extra boost from you foundation, lipstick and eye shadows.

Painters' Primer

In commercial painting jargon, primer is a type of paint used to initially cover the walls before you paint the finish color intended. There are some colors that are all but impossible to cover without first using a primer, which comes in white or it can be tinted the color of the final paint color. Primer is opaque, and is a preventive measure that can treat walls with bright colors before you paint them a lighter shade. It also functions as a primary layer of coverage, smoothing out small nicks that sanding might not have fixed.

Facial Primer

The purpose of facial primer is really the same as paint primer. Just think of your skin as the wall with its random imperfections and color challenges. Makeup primer, a gel that is applied after moisturizer and before foundation, provides a smooth surface on which to apply makeup, and it can also help hold your makeup in place, which is especially important during humid summer months or long days at the office.


Primer's Purposes

The benefits you reap from using certain brands and types of primer can go beyond smooth, flawless skin. Many primers contain minerals that can even out your skin tone, decrease breakouts and prevent dryness. Silica, also known as silicone dioxide, is the mineral commonly found in primers to control shine. In addition to silica-type ingredients, primers that contain waxes and polymers help makeup stay put by creating a stronger bond between your skin and your foundation. Finding a primer that will work best on you for all occasions your specific skin needs is a process not unlike choosing your foundation.

Once you begin using primer, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start using it before!

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