In Praise of Natural, Organic Mineral Makeup

Posted by Ocean Mist Cosmetics on 12/2/2014

Up to 60% of anything you put on your skin is directly absorbed into the bloodstream.  In addition research states that the average woman may apply up to 515 chemicals in her daily make-up and grooming routine.  It would be mindful if the average woman reads the back of a cosmetic product as well.  If it were a packaged food or drink, would she not looks for MSG or high fructose corn syrup?  Most likely, yes.  There is a great potential that items of the average woman’s cosmetic routine may contain chemicals, additives, and other toxins.  These potentials toxins can not only be harmful for one, but also for the environment in the form of PPCPs – which are pharmaceuticals and personal care products as pollutants.

Parabens are used in many make-up accessories which may be carcinogenic.  Being used as a preservative to make-up, it may very well be an estrogen-imitating endocrine disruptor, which leads to Cancer.  These disruptors have been found in breast cancer tissue.  Phalates is another possible toxin, found in nail polishes and fragrances, have been found to have effects on the reproductive systems of lab animals.  Of course, Phalates are absorbed by the human body.

From an environmental perspective, PPCPs have been found in our drinking water –mostly as a result of normal human activities such as washing hands or taking a shower.  At Ocean Mist Cosmetics we have a well-stocked inventory of eco-products “for your health, home and environment.”  Enjoy your time shopping at Ocean Mist Cosmetics - makeup at a fraction of the cost - 100% natural, organic mineral make-up.  We are certain you will find the alternative mineral make-up which you desire. If you have any questions or inquiries call us at:  850-587-2662 and our excellent customer service personnel will accommodate you. Protect yourself and the environment, with these eco-products, a purchase would make a green contribution to yourself as to all of humanity.





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