Makeup Kits

Posted by Ocean Mist Cosmetics on 8/29/2014

Makeup kits contain the artists' most valuable tools of the trade. Most artists will have face charts, disposable makeup applicators, cleansers, moisturizers and most importantly a full set of quality makeup brushes. A set of high quality brushes are essential cosmetic tools of trade, and as any professional makeup artist knows that the expert touch of a brush can make the difference between so-so and sublime makeup application. Brushes are one of the key elements to creating a flawless face, allowing you to apply products smoothly and evenly as well as highlight, sculpt and soften features to perfection. Unlike sponges, brushes don’t absorb your makeup and also don’t create an unwanted environment of bacteria and excess oil like your fingers can.

Ocean Mist Cosmetics makes it easier for you to get the makeup you need to create your best look by selling kits. These kits can include everything from complimentary eye shadows to base powders. For example, the Traveler’s Kit includes foundation, finishing powder, blush/bronzer and concealer/color corrector. You have the freedom to choose the colors in the kit so you can be sure to get the shades you need to compliment your unique complexion. Eyeshadow kits include multiple shades so you can create a variety of looks. We also carry mineral makeup kits for those with sensitive skin or combination kits for those who want more than a few items. Shopping kits makes getting the right makeup combinations a breeze, and it helps to save you money because the kits at Ocean Mist Cosmetics have a built in 10% discount when compared to purchasing each item individually. Browse our selection to find the right kit for your needs and your budget. Brushes are also included to make the kit complete. For starters you may want to try our
mineral make up sample kit. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and one of our excellent customer service staff will assist you with you purchase.

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