Makeup Tips to Achieve Flawless Skin

Posted by JP on 5/24/2014

While attending an event, it is natural to have the desire to look your best. Modern makeup methods help you do just that. Here are some simple makeup tips to help you achieve the perfect look.


Face Cleaners 

The first step to applying makeup starts with a perfectly clean face. Wash it thoroughly to remove oil residues, dead skin, dirt and blackheads. Avoid the use of strong soaps which tend to dry the skin out. Instead, use a cleanser which will gently nourish your skin.


Moisturizer Use  

Once you have washed your face, make it a point to apply a moisturizer. You can use a type that is based on your own skin condition. For instance, with normal skin you can use cream moisturizers, water based lotions for oily skin, and thicker lotions that absorb moisture for people with dry skin.  Following this step, use a primer to lay down a foundation for the makeup to help make it last longer.



Choosing Foundation

For people with already flawless skin, it makes sense to use a tinted moisturizer which will add just the right amount of color to your face. You can achieve the best shade by applying it around the cheek under natural light. Foundation is generally only used to provide a streamlined skin tone and not to cover skin blemishes fully.



Using a Concealer  

You need to pick a concealer that is close to your original skin tone. You can use it to cover zits, dark circles beneath the eyes, and any other red patches visible on the skin. Apply the concealer with a help of a brush by forging it in a triangular motion. Blend the outer edges later with the use of your fingers to maintain a uniform skin tone. You can follow this up with stepping powder which needs to be applied on the concealed regions of the face. 




Use can use an angled brush to apply bronzer makeup. Ensure that the color tone of the bronzer is not too dark for your face. Apply it on the apples of your cheek and ensure to use blotting sheets if you feel the face looks too shiny.



Eye Makeup 

First apply an eye shadow primer to make the eye shadow last for a long while. If your eye is of a natural color, you can use natural colors to complement it. Curl the lashes for a period of at least 15 seconds until you achieve the right look. You can also use Vaseline on the lashes to provide moisture. They will also appear longer and voluminous. Follow this with a waterproof mascara. Wait for a short time before applying each coat. Finish it off with an eye liner. 


Chap stick          

You need to first use a primer on your lips to remove any creases. Use a liner and lipstick to further enhance your look. You need to ensure that lipstick and the liner are of the same color to achieve consistency. You can also use lip gloss if required. 

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