Positive outlook, healthy choices and beauty go hand in hand!

Posted by Abby Nelson on 6/10/2015

If you want to look your best one very easy thing you can do is have a positive outlook on life. After all a good attitude cost nothing and can be achieved by accepting life on life’s terms and learning to enjoy the simple things . Having a good attitude, a good outlook and being self-confident gives a woman a powerful attractiveness that oozes from her every pore. Of course the reality is being happy in today's fast paced society is a struggle for many. So what are we to do? First learn to slow down and “smell the roses” if you open your eyes you realize that life is so much more than you think. Creation has so much natural beauty for us to enjoy, the flowers, the trees, even the grass we walk on has it own kind of beauty. In fact the natural beauty of the outdoors has been proven scientifically to work as a natural antidepressant on the brain. Old MacDonald may have had a lot of animals on the farm but on thing he did not have or need is Prozac! So get back to nature and learn to enjoy the natural beauty of the planet but remember we need to be good stewards of the earth while we enjoy it. Many of us use toxic beauty products that damage the body and may damage the earth during processing or if improperly disposed of.  Some of us stop to think about the damage conventional makeup products may be doing to our bodies but don't think about the damage the products may be doing to the earth. But when using all natural beauty products, you can be confident and happy that you helped yourself and the environment by making the right choice.

Another thing we can do to look and feel our very best is to watch what we eat. Have you ever noticed that when you eat 'fast food' or something with tons of artificial ingredients your skin tends to look dull? Yes it can and does happen and of course you don't want that. You want your skin to look fresh and feel clean and fresh and you can help by eating more healthy vegetables and fruits and avoid processed foods while cutting back or red meats and grains especially processed grains. And don't forget to exercise of course!

 You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that having a positive outlook on life, enjoying the natural beauty of creation, eating healthy and exercise are all smart choices but did you know that using mineral makeup will help improve your overall self esteem knowing that you are doing something great for yourself and the earth?  Mineral makeup is the right choice for your skin and with Organic Mineral Makeup from Ocean Mist Cosmetics you don't have to worry about those yucky ingredients harming you or the environment. Your skin is one of the largest organs in your body so you have to be extremely careful about what you put on it. Many products contain so many harmful chemicals it’s amazing that the skin can even handle it. Whenever your skin is feeling or looking dull be sure to check out the ingredients in your beauty products. There is a chance the ingredients are the reason for your skin issues. It’s scary to think of the different kinds of chemicals some companies use in their products so make the right choice choose Organic Mineral Makeup from Ocean Mist.

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