Pregnancy and Makeup!

Posted by Bennie on 5/7/2014
Like most women we are concerned about the effects that diet and grooming habits have on our health. When pregnant these effects are of special concern since they can affect our unborn child. It is a given that eating a healthy diet and taking any vitamins recommended by your obstetrician is important, but what about cosmetics can they have an affect on the unborn child? Absolutely! The ingredients from creams, oils and powders applied to your skin can absorb into your bloodstream and possibly to your baby. It may be a good idea to change your products and routine especially if you plan to breastfeed. As far as cosmetics go there is nothing safer than pure organic mineral makeup powders.
Avoid additives like salicylic acids, alpha and beta hydroxy acids, and retinoids and don’t fall for products claiming to stop or cure stretch marks there is simply nothing that works. And most products that make such false claims have ingredients in them that can be extremely dangerous to your baby’s health and possibly your own.
Truth is there is noting more beautiful than a pregnant woman even though you might not feel so beautiful during this time. Just remember that you are beautiful no matter how you feel. But if you do want to use makeup during pregnancy use only organic mineral makeup in the powder form. And go light on the application during this time even though the ingredients are all natural and safe you want to minimize the amounts you apply which will minimize the amounts you absorb. So look good and feel good during this most amazing time of your life but be smart about it, after all you are the one most with the most power over your babies health.
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