Today I have received my order and I want to thank you for it. It was a pleasure unpacking it! I felt like a kid opening a Christmas present! Thank you for taking time and making it look so personal and so special! And thank you for the sample eyeshadow! I am so eager to try all the cosmetics I've ordered, can't wait for tomorrow morning to come. I hope I will enjoy using OMC products and will come back for another order~ Eugenia
It worked this time! Thank you so much for your generous travel size offer! I will definitely be a repeat customer. Your cosmetics are light and easy on my hard to please skin! We (bridesmaids) all used my sister's makeup on her wedding day and your cosmetics were a hit! We all looked our best and have been hooked ever since. ~Mallory
I love the products especially the vanora!! Also the foundations are very good coverage and I think I want SECRET TREASURE blush in a jar I'm really liking that color and my mom too. ~Kelli
My best friend is a makeup artist also and she hates mineral makeup. We tried yours last night and she absolutely loved them. :) ~Amber
It works! Thanks for the quick response and for your email. I got my samples last night and Sahara is a perfect match! I have never been able to find a color that is my EXACT shade...until you guys. And I don't even have to mix it with any other colors. It's light and natural so I don't look heavily made up. I am so excited! Thanks again! ~Dionna~
Hello Leah Thank you for getting back to me so quickly on these two matters. I actually liked the gel eye liner/shadow but I wasn't sure if it was suppose to be a gel! I did use it as a shadow just because that's what I thought it was and it stayed all day, so I love it!
I just got my daughter started on your cosmetics and she loves them so we will be back to order full sizes. I love the fact that in the sampler you let us choose 3 different foundations, that is so helpful and saves money and time sending back stuff that does not work. Again, your quick response was appreciated, keep up the great customer service. ~Laura
I have to say, I absolutely LOVE your mineral makeup! My face looks flawless, and the shade matches perfect, plus there really isn't a need to touch up a lot. I am definitely looking into getting other things from your website :) ~Bridgette~
I have been using Ocean Mist Cosmetics (OMC) products for few months now (I placed my first order on January 1, 2009). I discover OMC through a Google search when I was looking for matte eye shadows and upon viewing the site I immediately ordered a sample kit and couple of eyeshadow samples. My order arrived a mere 2 days later and upon opening the jars, I tried out my new minerals and instantly fell in love with the silky texture, blendability and lasting power of OMC's minerals. Then, I immediately logged on to my laptop and placed a full order of OMC products and I have been a faithful customer ever since. As a woman of color, it is very difficult to find minerals which complement darker skin tones and doesn't leave an ashy or gray undertone, however, with OMC minerals this has never been the case. The foundation and mineral veil looks like a second skin on my honey color skin, so much so my boyfriend at the time asked me if I no longer used foundation (now there is compliment!!!).
I have tried other mineral companies: BE, EDM, ELF, Ada Cosmetics and blac minerals to name a few, however, OMC bar none is my absolute favorite and as long as they are in business, I will be a customer for life! (I don't make this statement lightly nor am I being dramatic but I am being sincerely honest in my appreciation of OMC's mineral products). I have even written reviews on some the OMC products I've tried on MakeupAlley.com because I believe everyone should know about OMC and their wonderful products. So, I want to thank the folks at OMC for creating high quality, long-lasting and affordable minerals which are wearable by all skin tones and skin types. ~ Niki
I got my samples I ordered really fast! Thank you! Also, when I applied my minerals I stood back and looked and WOW. My skin feels soft and the shades were perfect for my fair skin. I'm ready to order my full sizes too. No more itching associated with Bismuth. Thank you again. ~Margie
Got your sampler--and i LOVE the makeup. The moisturizer I ordered took the irritation out of my face in ONE NIGHT!! Thank you--Now--I am in the process of ordereing. -Pamela
I just wanted to say thank you for making cosmetics in such light skin shades!!! I was a little skeptical at first, when I am looking at mineral foundations.... because not one company has come up with a shade to match me!! I tried my samples today.... 2 out of the 3 worked perfectly!!! I seriously was shocked the foundation matched me perfectly, and I have no more annoying makeup line or severe color difference from my face to my neck! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! ~Sincerely (a very happy customer, love your product). ~Beth
I was very pleased with the purchase made at the Ocean Mist, and the kit with six free samples of mineral makeup I surprised! Excellent quality, perfect finish of the foundation, well pigmented and have kindly sent me a eyeshadow of this enchanted me. I returned to buy the foundation that was perfect in my skin and a new blush. Congratulations of the Ocean team, you made me happier today! ~Veronica
Hi, I just wanted you to know that I got my sampler kit today, and I was so satisfied with the results. I have ordered 2 other sampler kits from everyday minerals and signature minerals and applyed to see just a little bit of difference which made me continue my search for a good quality mineral makeup. That is were you came in. I put it on and my skin looks flawless. And I love it. I will continue my business with you and I would just like to thank you for helping me feel beautiful. ~Nicole
In the past three months I have tried dozens of mineral makeup lines (and it seems hundreds of samples). And I thought I had found one that was pretty good, then I stumbled across your sample kit and decided to order. The second color I tried, Ingenue, was a dead match, so I tried a full face. The application was wonderful: silky, even and I didn't even have to buff. The finish was equally marvelous: smooth, matte, but not chalky. Still looking for the drawback, I said to myself, Yeah, but the last won't be that great. Twelve hours later, it was that great. This is an incredible MMU and I've already ordered and received full sizes. (Kudos on the customer service and delivery too.) I'm so very, very glad I found you! -Myra
Just wanted to thank you again for your products. I ran out, and tried Loreal, Covergirl, maybelline....needless to say, NO COMPARISON to the concealer or the mineral foundations! Your concealer works PERFECTLY! The foundation is so much quicker and much more sheer - besides great coverage of age spots, redness, etc. I have finally found the perfect products at the perfect prices! Thanks so very much. ~Cheris
It is hard to believe that after going many years wearing no makeup at all, I have actually found a product that does not make me look older and that does not clog my pores and make them look bigger. The first time a neighbor saw me wearing your makeup, she exclaimed:"Your face !!! what have you done to it?" I asked, "What's wrong with it?" "She said, "Nothing. You look younger." I look happy too, for it is a pleasure to wear a makeup that you can't even feel after applied, that looks great, and is purchased from a company that possesses a rare commodity these days........Integrity. Thank you, Ocean Mist folks. ~Marie
Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I received my order today!(super fast shipping to canada) I also wanted to compliment your product as well. It looks amazing on my skin...I absolutely love your cosmetics. Thanks so much. -Andrea
Hello there, I am writing to say that finally I have found a mineral foundation that matches my chocolate brown complexion. The other mineral products I have tried have left dark skin looking ashy. Your product makes my face feel soft and smooth and the coverage is flawless. I mix mocha and mohagany together for a perfect match. I am usually a non makeup wearer because I work at an elementary school and didn't like leaving makeup spots on my children's papers. With this makeup I don't have this problem. I have recommended your products to most of my coworkers and several of them have ordered samples and are now ready to order from you. I just recieved the mini eye shadow kit. The colors look great. I am now placing an order for the "Everything But.." kit. I cant wait for it to get here. Thank you very much for a wonderful affordable makeup line. -Kathi G. a very satisfied customer-
I purchased some foundation from you a couple of months ago and I really love it!!!!!!!! I would like to know if I can buy a larger size? My daughter was in a near fatal car accident and has some scars on one of her cheeks. The make-up covers really well. Now I am sharing and need the super duper size!!! ~Angela
Just experimented today with the new mineral make-up...so delighted and goes well with my own natural moisturizer! I have very sensitive & allergic skin conditions and the first mineral make-up that agrees with me. Info & colour charts were most helpful to receive my exact colour palette. I will return & will direct others to your site. Such a great & helpful store! Many thanks for such a wonderful service. ~Sharon
Received the products yesterday. Want you to know, they are the greatest. I usually don't wear makeup, so I was hesitant to try your products. As soon as I received the makeup yesterday, I read your brochure and went to work applying the makeup. Let's just say I am very, very happy with your products. I don't like an overly madeup fake look, so I was surprised when I was finished, how natural and beautiful I looked. My husband was so impressed. Like I said I don't use makeup very often, so he was doubly impressed when he looked at me. He also said my look was so natural and beautiful. Your product came just in time, as I am starting a new job tomorrow. I want to look good, but not too overdone. Your products are miracle workers. Again, I want to thank you very much, and I will be back in the future to purchase more of your great products. -Marnie-
I got my mineral makeup kit. Thank you for the fast service. This is my second time ordering from you. The "Cameo" is a perfect match for my winter face - used you "Tawny" in the summer. Love your makeup. Great coverage and color and your prices are unbelievable. -Kathleen-
Your powder shows my skin to so beautiful flesh-colored. I have never seen such beauty before. And your eye shadow vividly colors my eyes. I will immediately introduce your nice items to my friends. Thanks again. -Mitsuki-
I just tried your makeup and I must say I love it!It is easy and quick to apply and it covers so well.As I journey into my thirty's I have noticed lines and wrinkles just starting to appear.This makeup helps to soften those lines instead of sinking farther into them and making them look worse.Thank you so much for making a mineral makeup that is so affordable. -Lora-
Just wanted to let you know that I love your products. They are wonderful and the brush set I got was great. It has just the perfect brushes for all your makeup needs. Thanks for sending your products out so quickly. You will surely be hearing from me again soon, thanks again. -Lawanda
It's been over 4 weeks since I got the package from Ocean Mist Cosmetics, and I have to say - I love the products, I have been using all of the eyeshadows daily. The quality is amazing and the color selection you have so kindly given me is fantastic. I have to admit - I am totally in love with Dusty Coral eyeshadow, I cannot stop raving about it :) Thanks for the full size of this color! ~Valentyna
Thank you so much for sending me your products to review. I absolutely love everything. The eyeshadow quad is outstanding. I love the silver tin packaging and it has great staying power. The Clearly Luminous Powder is fantastic. It is one of my new favorites, I love the natural look it gives. The Eye and Lip Primer is perfect. It has such cute packaging and it works wonders! I had some eyeshadows that would always crease within an hour or two of wear, but I tried the Eye and Lip Primer underneath them and it made them last for 6+ hours! I am so impressed! And the two lipsticks are simply wonderful. I love the colors of them. I love that when they are applied they stay put and don't melt off. :)~Hailey
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