What Makes Mineral Makeup The Better Choice

Posted by Ocean Cosmetics on 7/6/2014

Ever since their release on the cosmetics market, we haven’t been able to get enough of them. Minerals are the fundamental ingredients that make every single Ocean Mist Cosmetics product effective and unique. And every one of their special mineral blends delivers unparalleled beauty benefits. The vital sun-protecting power of a mineral Foundation? Minerals. The vibrant, glistening pigments in every eye color all come from minerals. The cell-renewing power of quality skincare distinctly comes from...you guessed it: Minerals. Minerals are at the heart of every cosmetic product Ocean Mist Cosmetics offers. Surely you’ll love what they can do for you.

Proven Benefits

Mineral makeup offers the best performance of any makeup, while covering in methods that are highly effective, with products that were carefully designed to enhance your skin from the outside in. For years, scientists have researched the power and potential of minerals to nourish, energize and renew. Mineral foundation stays on better than other types of foundation, even when the wearer sweats or swims.

Product Integrity

The Ocean Mist Cosmetics minerals line provides the very latest technology that goes into the recipe to continuously bring these and more benefits to women, everywhere. Every mineral is carefully selected to deliver proven results to women who wear the line.

Proprietary Blend

Dependably, mineral makeup uses naturally derived minerals to give you exceptional long-lasting coverage, breathable lightweight wear, rich pigmentation with creamy emulsion, and broad-spectrum UVA/UVB sun protection. Ocean Mist foundation incorporates a comprehensive blend of potent macro and micro minerals to increase cell turnover, improve luminosity and help your skin defend itself against all of the common environmental stressors. Best of all, the ingredients present in mineral formulas work together in harmony to improve your complexion instantly and continue thereafter, day and night.

As any of the prominent mineral experts will agree, mineral makeup and skincare should not only make you look good, but they should also be good for your skin. That’s why the mineral makeup revolution started.

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